Sunday, April 11, 2021

Canadian Infantry - Week 3

 Below are the additions for the week. The first picture is of a Canadian private (Mr. Johnson, like in the Jain song) and then the medium machine gun team, with Lance Corporal Wilson and privates Bolton and Smith (‘cause hey, every army’s got a Smith)

The mini standing in the back with the binoculars has been modified (I gave him a Sten gun from one of the other figures).
The base for these three figures was a washer, as it is larger than your everyday penny.
Next in line is a medic from the Italeri British Infantry set, the iconic “helping-a fallen-comrade” figure, as well as two troopers with SMGs to assist my First Lieutenant. 
Comments are welcome, and stay safe.

Sunday, April 4, 2021

Canadian Infantry - Week 2

 Here are a couple more soldiers to add to my platoon. Below are pictures of the two riflemen (Privates Henderson and Mathis) and then a picture of the whole section with the Lieutenant and Radio Operator on the side.

And the whole gang

The next few men will take a while to complete as I am running low on paint supplies and good brushes, so my next update will be in a couple of weeks. Thank you for your time and all comments and suggestions are welcome.

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Canadian Infantry - Week 1

 Below are my first Canadian troops, minis from the Italeri British Infantry Set, which I painted to match the Canadian uniform at the time the best I could. I am planning to play a Bolt Action game in 1/72, with the Canucks facing off against the Wehrmacht somewhere in the outskirts of Ortona. Feel free to comment and all ideas and suggestions are welcome. 

                                                                    Lieutenant Lancaster

Corporal Catlin (me) 

Private Guillet
 Radio Operator

Lance Corporal Fletcher 

And the privates ( Thompson, Boullier, Leroy, Moore, Gallagher, Warnton)

And yes, I give my minis names.
And yes, Private Thompson does not have a Thompson gun.
For any of you that are wondering, the bases and earth and grass are all entirely homemade. The bases are al American or Canadian pennies, the grass is painted cotton and the earth is shredded cork painted a dirt hue.
What do you guys think? All suggestions are welcome!

Canadian Infantry - Week 3